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Recruitment and Outsourcing Solutions

The concern of many companies in the manufacturing, oil & gas, telecoms, engineering service companies today is the challenge of managing a large workforce and the attendant costs, logistics and time involved in managing the staff. Our objective is to take on the challenge and responsibility of managing some categories of your staff off your organization thereby providing the organization the time to focus on realizing the company’s core objectives. Our outsourcing services include:

Drafting of contracts of employment in line with the Nigerian labour laws and client/industry peculiarities

Conducting background and Pre-employment medical checks on candidates before commencement of employment or confirmation of the candidates..

Payroll management and administration

Group life assurance policy arrangements

Pension contribution and payment management

Procurement and management of health insurance policies for outsourced staff

Our recruitment services include; Contingency recruitment, deployment and management of all levels of the categories of personnel listed below either for short or long term assignments





We have agreements in place with international alliance partners which give us access to a global talent pool.

Recruitment and Outsourcing Solutions